Stronger Schools

I stand for Public Education:

  • As an educator, I believe in real solutions to financial issues, such as providing funding to public education vs. private enterprises.

I stand for Collective Bargaining:

  • Teachers and other public employees should be able to team together through membership unions and support each other. Payroll deduction of membership dues is an easy way to allow teachers to join and maintain membership.

I stand against making the Public School system privatized:

  • My children have attended both public and charter schools and I have served on various PTA and volunteering committees for over 20 years.

I stand to provide funding for Public Education:

  • Funds for making class sizes smaller, promoting school safety, and better compensating educators and employees are important for our children’s success.

I stand against the single letter grading system:

  • Grades do not accurately reflect a student’s performance, and the grading system stigmatizes schools and the communities they serve.

I stand to support teachers:

  • Teachers need funding for extracurricular activities and better pay to educate our children, and should not be fundraising for equipment that the State of Utah should already provide them.

  • Having technology in the classroom is helpful, but it should not replace the interaction between teachers and their students.

I stand by the American Federation of Teachers, Utah Education Association and Granite Education Association.