Jobs and The Economy

By promoting education and skills training, we can empower our communities. By increasing the minimum wage and strengthening the middle class, we create a community that can better provide for itself and for others. A strong economic plan lays out a way to live within our means while investing in our future generations. Investing in education and promoting strong family values, safe neighborhoods, and clean streets is the pathway to developing a sense of pride and a future of hard working Utahns.

  • Create more jobs to help the economy and strengthen the middle class.

  • Develop and expand the economy responsibly, being mindful of the direct and indirect effects of the surrounding businesses.

  • Raise the minimum wage. Not only will this help the laborers immediately, but will eventually save all citizens money as it decreases the need for government support.

  • Encourage education and job training so we have the necessary skills to better support ourselves, our families, and our community for many generations.

  • Support education, family values, and taking care of our neighborhoods to make our communities safer.

  • Celebrate the virtues of hard work and pride in our communities.

Diversify The Economy

Diversifying our economy is important to our future. Promoting a broad range of sectors gives us options and opportunity, and will ensure a sustainable economy.

  • Promote diversity in our economy to increase the number of options and opportunities open to us.

Support Small Business

Small businesses may not generate the money that larger businesses do, but they are a major component and contributor to the strength of local economies. Small businesses not only provide employment opportunities, they also provide a brighter future in the communities they serve. They allow for self-sufficiency and peace of mind when we know where our products are coming from.

  • Small businesses are important for our economy by providing jobs in our local communities.